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Reborn !

Transformed by a complete restoration project, Gadagne is the biggest Renaissance structure in Lyon and houses two major museums.

1 min 37

The large court

Following archaeological digs, remnants buried deep within the entrails of the earth finally unveil their secret.

3 min 22

The main staircase

Constructed from 1515 onwards by Nicolas Pierrevive, this spiral staircase was the main entrance to the dwelling. Its newel post is in the form of groups of twisted rings.

2 min 30

The Renaissance fireplace

Room 6 / This imposing 16th century fireplace is the work of the Pierrevive family. The room in which it is located was certainly intended, at that time, to hold business meetings by day and balls and banquets by night

2 min 55

The Falconet fireplace

Room 21 / A kitchen fireplace erected in the mid 17th century by the new owner of the premises : André Falconet.

1 min 37

The small court

This court gives an unusual view of the elevation of the building, from the reception’s ceiling to the garden, and upwards !

1 min 37

The horn blowers’ room

The murals adorning the walls of this trapezoidal room date from 1880. The room was then hired to a group of hunting enthusiasts for their music rehearsals.

1 min 39

Remarkable rooms

Rooms 22, 24, 25 and 26 / This collection of rooms encompasses a large part of the building’s history, dating from the 16th century (when it was planned) through to the present day

2 min 18

The hanging gardens

Archaeological digs carried out right at the start of the works have unveiled the history of the hanging gardens...

2 min 39