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Thomas de Gadagne

Thomas de Gadagne

© musées Gadagne / Gilles Aymard


Where does the name Gadagne come
from ?

The Gadagne site was named after its most illustrious inhabitants – the Guadagni family. They occupied the premises from 1538 to 1581.

This rich family of merchant bankers was one of the most influential in Florence. Half-way through the 15th century, however, when Florence was experiencing political difficulties, the Guadagnis and others were forced into exile.

Simone Guadagni was the first member of his family to spend some time in Lyon in 1463. Upon his death in 1468, his son Thomas I was sent as an apprentice to Lyon. He was soon joined by his brothers, François then Olivier.

In 1538, Thomas II, the son of Olivier de Gadagne, rented 10-12 rue de Gadagne to the Pierrevive family. In 1545, his sons, Guillaume I and Thomas III de Gadagne, become owners of the building. They resold it in 1581